cPanel / WHM Dedicated License

£35.00 GBP/mo

cPanel & WHM (WebHost Manager) is the premier control panel for automating and simplifying server configuration, email, and website management.

Softaculous Dedicated License

£2.50 GBP/mo

Softaculous lets you focus on using apps rather than spending time on installing them. Softaculous is an auto installer for cPanel and DirectAdmin. Unlike other auto installers Softaculous is much faster, well designed and it installs all scripts in just ONE STEP

Jet Backup

£4.75 GBP/mo

JetBackup Manager is a leading backup solution for cPanel. JetBackup allows you to back up your cPanel account quickly and efficiently through cPanel Remote or local incremental backups (as well as other backup schemes). Settings like automation of backups as well as restores on a cron job are also included and wrapped up in a nice user friendly GUI. JetBackup will also allow you to resell this backup service through an easy-to-user billing system and API to your clients all through the JetBackup web interface.

Blesta Unbranded

£11.77 GBP/mo